Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Nail Polishes!

Hello everyone! It is finally summer and I am enjoying it myself. But what would summer be without a perfect color for your nails? Here are some of my favorites for this season! Some polishes are personally my colors and the others are colors I hope to buy soon for this summer! Enjoy <3

Starting off with my nail polishes:

NYC. Charming Rose Creme #126
I love this color because it is subtle yet very warming. This color is great to wear out on a picnic or just a little get together.

AVON. Vintage Blue.
This color is very calming and great for the beach. It's a pastel which is one of the reasons why it is great for the summer!

REVLON. Minted #85The photo doesn't really show that great of color but it is a green mint. This one is similar to the previous nail polish from Avon. I would wear this color to a graduation or a small party. Very pastel and pretty.

I am not sure of the brand or color but this nail polish is perfect for a late summer outing. Of course it is neon and neon is in for this season. This color would look very nice with the first nail polish I previewed. I would go for ALL neon colors for this summer.

Other nail colors I enjoy:

ESSIE. First Timer.
This color is absolutely beautiful and great for this season because of how bright yet subtle it is. This is another color that is perfect for the beach or a night out with your friends.

ESSIE. In The Cab-ana.
This color is so beautiful and probably one of my favorites by Essie. I hope to own this nail polish very soon! I would wear this color at any event!

That is all I have for today! I hope you have enjoyed my favorite nail polishes for this summer. Don't forget to pick yourself one for this season.

♡ Fashionbyhayley
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 photo: glossdaily | lookfantastic

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