Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Quick Tip Tuesday

Hey guys! For today's tip, I am going to help you stay stylish yet cool for this summer. I suggest purchasing a Bandeau top. If this will be your first time purchasing a bandeau top, I recommend starting off with a simple color. Once you have one, start moving onto cute patterned and textured tops.



Why wear a bandeau top? You know how people wear cami's underneath their tops? You eventually become very hot and sweaty, it's very uncomfortable. With a bandeau top, they are very comfortable and cool. They are basically worn to be seen. Typically, bandeau tops are worn with crop tops. Why? Well with a cam and a crop top combined, you get an unpleasant look. You can see the cam wear your belly is suppose to be showing. Without a cami and a bandeau top in replace, the look is more fashionable. Therefore, if you do not want to show your skin, do not wear a crop top or a sheer top.

Here are some quick photos below on how I wear my bandeau top:

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