Sunday, July 7, 2013

Late Friday Favorites

I have been super busy with holidays and traveling but here is a late friday faves. <3

Currently wearing: MTV Graphic Top, JCP
This top is very flowy and has a great color theme to it! Purchase it at JCP and if you need a tutorial on how I turned it into a tank, comment below!

Currently attending: Warped Tour

My first time going and it was a blast! A great place to crowd surf as well because it really doesn't matter where at you stand. You have the same view all around. It's an all day event where 100 or so bands perform. There are around four stages as well. Small to large. I stayed around the two stages that were a bit smaller but once in awhile moved to the largest stage. It's an all day event and the food is overpriced.

Currently loving: White lights
White lights can really make a room look pretty and more girly!

Currently doing: Crowd surfing
I just tried this out at Warped Tour and it was beyond exciting and frightening!
Give it a try if you want to be a dare devil! Just remember, you may get some people angry.

Currently adoring: Pom Dog
These dogs are so adorable, look at them!

Congratulations - Sleeping With Sirens

♡ Fashionbyhayley

photo: songkick | indulgy | wcdbfm.wordpress | theberry

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quick Tip Tuesday: Lipstck Miracles

Yay! It's Tuesday!

Us girls have those days where we do not want to dress up and/or put a lot of make up on. But a really nice tip is to just apply lipstick. It helps you look more made up and girly.

I started wearing lipstick during my senior year in high school. I wasn't brave enough to start applying it during my freshmen year. I would start wearing lipstick during your sophomore year. If you're curious on when you should start wearing it and/or how, comment down below!

A great lipstick color to start off with is a very subtle color like the following below:

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Monday, July 1, 2013



Religion Clothing american flag tee
$55 -

White shirt
$11 -

High low skirt

Black skirt
$12 -

Tory burch shoes

Vans blue shoes
$115 -

Converse shoes
$64 -

Black flat

Gold bracelet

Curb chain necklace

Club Manhattan gold bracelet
$32 -

Topshop pork pie hat

Flower headband

Justin Bieber black hat
$31 -

Wayfarer sunglasses

Red lipstick
$4.56 -

Essie nail polish
$21 -

Essie nail polish

Essie nail polish

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Magazine Monday: Red, White & Blue!

Yay! It's that time again, fourth of July! One of my favorite holidays. Not only because of the celebration but because of the fashion & fireworks! Check out some cute items that you can wear while you celebrate!

1. Mineral Washed Crop Top, GoJane, $16
2. White All Star Hi Tops, Journey's, $49
3. Gold Dainty Star Necklace, Windsor, Out Of Stock
4. American Denim Cut Offs, Forever 21, $24
5. Slit Chiffon Maxi-Skirt, Forever 21, $17
6. Star Print Chambray Dress, Charlotte Russe, $26
8. 10-Rings, H&M, $4
9. Fantas-Eye Retro Round Glasses, Kohls, $24

All of these items are stylish and great for this fourth of July! You can stay simple or go bold but make sure you are staying warm and covered up during the evening because the mosquitoes will eat you up! Therefore, do not forget your light jacket or sweater...and bug spray of course! Stick to denim or maybe go colorful with reds & blues! A lot of stores have great clothing for this Thursday, make sure you go shopping if you want to look seasonal! To see my outfits for the fourth, check out my YouTube:

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