Monday, June 17, 2013

Magazine Monday: Summer Sandals

It is Magazine Monday! I hope you enjoy what I have for you today! Kick off your week with a pair of cute sandals for this summer!

1. Cora Sandal In Nude, Shi, $19
2. Faux Leather Thong, Forever 21, $8
3. Pattern Weave Leather, H&M, $24
4. Spiked Velvet T-Strap, Charlotte Russe, $22
5. Lana Ankle Strap, Pacsun, $29
6. Qupid Agency, Pacsun, $29

Everyone loves to wear sandals in the summer time of course! Neons & pastels are in for this season. Why not spice up your outfit with a bright or soft color? Patterns, spikes, and metal really help you look more chic as well. Why not have your sandal become a statement piece? There are a load of sandals with cool pieces on top of them. Spikes, studs, metal straps, and more! I hope you have enjoyed my favorite sandals I have picked out. I will have to pick a pair up soon!

♡ Fashionbyhayley
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