Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shopping Tips

Hello everyone! For some fashionistas out there, it may be hard to shop on a low budget. I'm giving you my tips on how to get the most out of shopping. Recently, I went shopping with very little spending money but I figured out a very helpful solution on how to shop quick and still end up loving what I bought.

TIP ONE: Create a list
If it is for grocery or clothing, creating a list helps tremendously. For now, we are going to stick to shopping for fashion. Start off with the items that are ideally the cheapest and then as time goes on, work your way to the priciest.

TIP TWO: Scope out all stores
If it's Forever 21, Kohls, H&M, etc, you want to make sure you get the cheapest and best quality in what you are searching for. Check out all stores for that one item you are searching for. This helps save a lot of money!

TIP THREE: Ask yourself
To be on the safe side, ask yourself "would I wear this anytime soon?" "what would I wear this item with?" This helps you get the most out of your item. If you don't have a top, shoe, bottom, etc to go with what you are buying, why get it? Why purchase an item you cannot wear? If you are buying an outfit that matches that same day, then it is fine.


TIP FOUR: Search head to toe
If you are not looking for an item specifically and want to make the most out of your time, start with the beginning of the store and just grab what you like (that is in your price range). Just remember, stores have limited clothes to try on so make sure you know how much that is before grabbing 20 items.

TIP FIVE: Trying on the clothes
When you try on your clothes or shoes, make sure you know you want them or not. If you are having troubling thoughts, do not purchase them. Say you try the item on and you fall in love instantly, that is when you know you actually want it. If you have to question it, it is usually a no. You may have regrets if you end up purchasing the item.

TIP SIX: Inspect
You have found your item, now it's time to inspect. Look for any rips, missing add-ons, & stains. If you find an item with any negatives, switch it out if possible. If there are no longer any same sizes, you may have to find a new item, which is rare.

These six tips should help you shop easier and better! If you have any other tips, comment down below! Happy shopping!

♡ Fashionbyhayley
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