Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Favorites

It's a late Friday Faves post but here it is!

Currently using: Papelook
This app lets you do cute and fun things to your photos!
From adding stickers to backgrounds!

Currently playing: Archery
I just now started playing with a bow and arrow and it is extremely fun!
It is definitely worth the try!

Currently loving: Open Weave Criss-cross
I absolutely love dresses and tops that have this cute design.
It is very stylish, girly, daring, and perfect for the summer.
(To purchase this dress, visit

Currently cuddling: Tiger cat
I visited my mother's house for the week and I also visited my adorable cat Rocky.
The photo above is not him but it is his type. I've spent so much time with my buddy!

Currently surfing: YouTube
YouTube is a great website to learn fashion do's, dont's, what is in, what is not in and other fashion/beauty information. It is also another way to waste your day away by watching DIY's, comedy, and/or music videos and more! Be sure to subscribe to my channels:

Song of the week: Do or Die - You Only Live Once

That does it for this weeks faves! Have a great weekend!

♡ Fashionbyhayley
Twitter/IG: @fashionbyhayley

photo: iphoneogram | rebelcorporate | ilovecutefashion | breeding-cats | luxmorejet

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