Sunday, October 4, 2015

3 Ways to Style Plaid for Fall!

Want to know how i styled plaid for this fall? 
Watch my video now! 
Let me know your favorite autumn pattern!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back to College Outfits

It is back to college for myself! I decided to create some outfits for this semester and share them with you! 

My first outfit is really relaxed and girly. I have been obsessed with this top all summer and i know it is just going to carry on over to fall...even though it is very springy! I put my hair up to give the outfit more of a relaxed look, and well it looks so much more classier when my hair is up. 

The cardigan I am wearing is very cozy and great for the cold classrooms, gah don't you just hate those rooms?! The color fits very well with the top, jeans and also the boots. There is not much contrast in this look, but i think it is a nice relaxed outfit. I bought this cardigan at Forever 21 for just $16! It was a great deal because this throw-over is pretty thick and warm! My top is also from forever 21, i just love that store!

I love wearing rings these days so i wanted to give my look the silver twist along with my bright blue nails. The rings are from a store I honestly do not remember but i love them so much! Maybe Claires? Not quite sure.

Last but not least, the boots. I typically purchase my boots from JCP but I actually bought these from...wait for it...FOREVER 21. Who would have guessed! These boots tie in with the relaxed and lazy look. They are super easy to walk in and they do not kill my little feet. Also, the color of these boots was something i could NOT pass up on. I just love brown boots, so classy and vintage!

This outfit is my little twist of an Indiana Girl look. I may not be country but i do love red and black plaid! For class, I try to stick to the relaxed looks because we all know dressing up for school is just pointless and we all do not want to feel dead when just the first class is done with. 

My top is from Forever 21 as well. It is super soft and the colors look great for the fall, which is when class starts! The button down effect makes the outfit that much more laid back and comfortable.

I was inspired to use this bow I got last winter and I feel great for doing this myself. I am usually awful at doing my hair so i just let it down and let it go wild. I pulled the left and right sides of my bangs behind my head and popped this cute little black bow on. It can make you look so much more dressed up when really, you are just getting that hair out of your face and feeling pretty while doing it!

These boots are somewhat a killer compared to my previous brown ones. They are definitely cute but they can make myself take a beating. These boots will be great for a day that you have just one class. I purchased these boots from JC Pennys. My first heeled booties!

Lastly, my bracelet. I decided to wear no rings and just a bracelet with this look. Gold and red look great together as well. MY spikey bracelet is from H&M, an AMAZING store by the way. I think it sticks to the chilled look and gives a little oomf to it all.

This outfit is more of a dressed up classy look. My inspiration most of the time is Taylor Swift, she is always looking good. 

As shown in the photo, my lovely hat. I picked up this hat from H&M, was not too sure if I should buy it, but i did! This hat gives my look a very classy modern look. If you are not sure what to do with your hair, put a cute little hat on!

My striped dress is from Target, another store i am literally obsessed with. It was kind of on the pricey side but I have been dying to get my hands on a striped dress. If you hadn't noticed, I am in love with stripes. They just make photos POP! My green army jacket is from the classic goodwill. It was a great find if you ask me. This jacket makes the outfit somewhat put together and comfortable.

I picked up this necklace from H&M. Adding spiked along with stripes is a must do! I believe this necklace pulls in the outfit as well.

The same boots from my first look, comfortable, laid back and classy!

That is all for my back to school looks, i hope you enjoyed em! :)

xo fashionbyhayley

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back To College | Must Haves

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Hi lovelies! It is August and summer is coming to an end sadly but thats okay! Fall is next and the fun thing about autumn is the fall fashion! Anyways, I went back to school shopping for myself and grabbed a few college must haves and checked them off of my college checklist. I do have a few school outfits out on my fashion blog so make sure you check that out in a few days!

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Have a fun day :)



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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Outfit Of The Day - Filming Day!

Today, I decided to take a drive down to my college and snap some photos of my outfit. While I was there, I also filmed a new video for my styling channel. I had a lot of fun so be sure to check that out Thursday hopefully! 

So this look I have put together is simple and somewhat laid back. I wanted to go for a comfortable and simple look today and I pulled it off pretty well!

The first time in a long time, I have done my hair! I was inspired by one of my good friends on youtube, Megan! ( Her hair is beautiful and when she braids it, her hair looks stunning. Sooo, I decided to take inspiration from that and go from it, a laid back side braid!

My necklace in the second photo means so much to me. I bought it while I was on vacation in South Carolina on Hilton Head Island. As you can see, it is a little Michigan shaped necklace. As you may not have known, I was born in Michigan and not Indiana. That state is my home, my everything. The smell, the sounds, looks, the taste of the air. It makes me happy whenever I visit back home. Anyways, it's a really nice dainty necklace and I will forever treasure it with my outfits.

My rings are from a few local stores here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Something about nail polish and rings not only make the outfit but also photos look really nice together. Little do some people know, accessories can really help your outfit look 100x more better.

My shirt is of course from Forever 21. I am basically a walking model for them, lol! I have currently been obsessed with stripes. I feel like they look really nice and fun. 

My boots are also from Forever 21. These are my second heeled boots and I am liking them a lot. They are easy to walk in and shockingly very comfortable. The brown color of these boots look great with the striped top and light blue denim bottoms.

I hope you liked my outfit of the day for this week! Have a great rest of your day!
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Until next post!

xo hayley

Sunday, July 26, 2015


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I took a vacay in South Carolina and have a lot of fun. I also decided to make a video while I was down there. Here is a beach DIY, whats in my beach bag and a few beach outfits!

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Summer Lookbook -

Beach OOTD -

Friday, July 24, 2015

What's In My Beach Bag - Beach Essentials

Summer is still here and you still have time to go to the wonderful beach! 
Here are some of my essentials for the beach and poolside.

First off, my beach bag to carry all of the essentials. I bought it from H&M along with the towel in all of the photos. My bag has a few handy pockets and a zipper so the sand doesn't get in it. 

These black rounded sunglasses are from H&M. It's an obvious to bring a pair of shades with you.
Keep your eyes protected and stay stylish! haha!

My waterproof camera has been the coolest part of my summer. I am a vlogger and photographer and love being in the water. What a perfect combo! I bring it along to capture underwater videos and photos. Not to mention, rather be safe than sorry if water splashes on my camera while I'm out!

One of the most imporant items to bring, your phone. Take plenty of fun selfies!
If you want to see how I made this case myself, let me know down below in the comments.

Goggles may look silly on you but they are tons of fun. Seeing underwater without burning your eyes in the salty or chlorine water, no fun. I bring these just in case.

THE most important item in your beach bag, SUNSCREEN! Do not go in the sun unprotected.
You are at risk for skin cancer and unbearable burns. If it is cloudy out, you still need sunscreen on. When it is cloudy, the sun rays get trapped between the ground and clouds which make it more easier to get burned. Stay safe!

If you want, bring some music and fun along with you if you are just wanting to bake. Playing Soda Crush or listening to music can help time fly and also help give you some enjoyment.

Make sure you stay safe and protected when going outside. Don't forget water either, very important!

Until next time!

Hayley xo

Sunday, July 5, 2015


Happy 4th of July to everyone! I hope you enjoyed this fun video! If you tried any of these DIYs, send me a photo on twitter or tag me on instagram! I WANNA SEE THEM! :) My favorite was probably the drink, it was pretty delicious! Let me know what you did on July 4th!! I went out on the lake and watched the fireworks!

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Music Credit: Firework - Katy Perry, Fourth of July - Fall Out Boy, National Anthem - Lana Del Rey
The Night is Still Young - Nicki Minaj, Made in the USA - Demi Lovato, Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus, Robin Schulz - Sun Goes Down feat. Jasmine Thompson
Edited With: Final Cut Pro
Filmed With: Canon 70D

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Beach Essentials

1. Top - TOPSHOP Tie-Back Cami - $26
A top is a must have of course! Don't be afraid to look cute as well while going to the beach!

Shorts over pants, am i right?!

3. Bathing Suit - Poppy Flamingo Fing - $89
If you wanna get wet and have some fun in the sun, make sure you bring a bathing suit along!

4. Camera - Fuji Film Instax Mini 8 - $97
Take some photos and keep some memories with you!

5. Sandals - Spendid Caddie Sandals - $92
Don't let your feet burn in that crucial sun and sand.

6. Beach Towel - H&M Beach Towel - $20
It may get sandy by the end of the day but bring a towel to lay one while you are tanning and drying off!

7. Beach Bag - Straw Studios Structured Dome Tote - $59
Keep most of your essentials in this bag and you should not have to worry about holding it all with just two hands. 

8. Ipod/Phone + Headphones - Arctic Monkeys Case ($35), Skinnydip London Soundbuds ($22)
When you are tanning or just beach bumming, bring an ipod or any music playing device with headphones and listen to some good the Arctic Monkeys!

9. Book - The Maze Runner - $9
If you are not in the mood for some music, bring a book. It is always fun to read!

10. Sunscreen - Benefit Dream Screen - $32
Do not let yourself get burnt when you go out. It is never fun! Stay safe with some sun screen!

11. Sunglasses - River Island Sunglasses - $20
Tired of squinting? Bring sunglasses and you should no longer squint, yay!

If you don't have an umbrella, bring a floppy hat. It will give you some shade!

13. Lip Balm - EOS Summer Fruit Lip Blam - $4
Your lips can get sun burnt too, bring some lip balm that has spf in it!

I hope you enjoyed!

- xo fashionbyhayley -

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Recent Purchases

I have purchased a few items and would love to share them with all of you. Let me know which item is your favorite!

High waisted shorts

Striped Tee
Forever 21


Floral Shorts
Forever 21

Striped Shirt
Forever 21

White Sandals

Boyfriend Pants
Charlotte Russe

Basic Gray Tee


Brown Sandals

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

3 Spring Looks

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Well hello there! I am back at making videos! I hope you are excited! I decided to showcase three of my spring looks for 2015. I wanted to do more but didn't wanna make this video too long so if you want another spring lookbook, let me know. But...its almost summer so a summer lookbook?! I hope you think my looks are rad and if not let me know what i did wrong! :)

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Leave me a comment telling me what you're most excited for this summer!

Have a good day :)


• • • MORE LOOKS • • •




Outfit 1
top: goodwill
vest: forever 21 -
necklace: h&m -
shoes: kohls -
skirt: forever 21

Outfit 2
Top: forever 21
Bottoms: old shorts, i think kohls lol
shoes: JCP

Outfit 3
Top: Forever 21
Bottoms: forever 21

I am just a walking mannequin for forever 21 huh lol

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Music Credit: Ariana Grande - One Last Time (Henry Land Remix)
Jason Derulo - Want To Want Me (Kian Sang Remix)
Love Me Like You - Ellie Goulding Do (remix)
Edited With: Final Cut Pro
Filmed With: Canon 60D

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Favorite Look

I  have many inspirations. Lauren Conrad, Acacia Brinley, Jenn Im and more. My outfits are basically them all squished together. Lately, I have been loving the simple and relaxed look. It is not only easy to wear and pull off but it is extremely laid back and adorable. Take a look!

Stripes are super adorable and so are crop tops, especially for the summer! This top goes nicely with the boyfriend pants and converse, adding a chic yet laid back look. 

These are a trend that are in as of now. They are very tumblr-y i would say. Showing a chilled look! Not too hot and not too cold for this summer. They nicely go with the shoes because converse are super chill as well!

Shoes: Low-Top Converse - $50
Who doesn't like rocking those white converse? They go with everything if you wanna look laid back! 

Sunglasses: Ray-Bans - $190
Don't forget your classic sunglasses, it might get sunny outside!

Adding a POP to your look. Looking stylish and classy with the classic red lipstick...just like taylor swift eh?

To add contrast to your look, wear a bright color with the red lipstick. It'll make you feel fabulous I am sure!

Hope you enjoyed my look I have created. I had fun putting it together! 

- xo fashionbyhayley - 

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Hiking can be a lot of fun when you have the right equipment and accessories! Here are some of the Hiking Essentials!

Camera: Capture the memories
Phone: Be safe because you never know what could happen out there
Sunglasses: It may or may not get sunny, be prepared!
Sweatshirt/jacket: The weather is always so random and not to mention, mosquitos like to bite you
Backpack: Easier to carry all of your other essentials
Food & Drink: Pack a sandwhich with some fruit and chips. Don't forget your water!
Closed-Toe Shoes: You never know if it's going to be muddy...and snakes...let's not have one bit your little toes!
Sunscreen: Just in case...

Be sure to take lots of pictures and videos and have fun!

- xo fashionbyhayley -

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

About Hayley

Hi there!

My name is Hayley. I am 20 years old and currently attending university. I dual major in Photography and Graphic Design. So far, college has been rad. I am hoping to get an internship whether it's with Graphic Design work and/or Web Design. 


I have had good and bad days when it comes to style. I have grown so much when it comes to this subject. In middle school, I wore colored pants and graphic tees. In high school, I started to dress-up. I wasn’t myself though. I wanted to be this “high fashion model” look. Uncomfortable heels and skirts. I feel embarrassed because of that. Once college kicked in, I started to just wear band tees and shorts/skinny jeans with my good old Converse or Vans. What have I learned from this experience? Dress comfortably! Be yourself! You may have your inspirations, like mine in high school, it was high-end models. Now, my inspiration is Matty Healy from The 1975. I love the grunge black and white look. I don’t wear heels much unless they’re heeled boots. Just be yourself and be comfortable! Your style will evolve and usually, for the better. Don’t worry!


I refused to wear makeup until the age of 12. I tried on mascara and eyeliner. Once sophomore year kicked in, I tried out eyeshadow and foundation.  I would wear blue and purple eyeshadow….why? As of now, I wear top eyeliner, foundation, eye shadow, and mascara. I would love to experience with bronzer, but I’m scared I’m going look like dirt is all over my face. I like to look simple, natural and just stick with the neutral colors. Currently, I am trying to master smooth airbrushed looking skin and bronzer! 


I have been taking photos since I was a little squirt! I have yet to figure out what I love about it so much. Maybe it’s the unique color palette of each photo I take. The natural effect to it? Sometimes a vintage look, I love vintage items! The clarity? The emotion? I am not sure, but I just find so much happiness in it. Personally, my favorite shots are the landscapes. I love traveling and capturing the places I go so I remember them.
When I was a senior in high school, I had a lot of recognition for my photography. I was in the newspaper, front page! It was the greatest experience! I also got a letter in the mail from the Senator of Michigan, encouraging and congratulating me on my hard work with photography. I felt so honored!

Visit my portfolio:


Traveling is one of my passions. I haven’t been to many states. I usually travel for concerts. I’ve been to Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio. I really would like to travel out of the country, but I am still somewhat nervous about that. My current goal is to visit California and Arizona. Traveling is where photography comes in. Keeping track of my memories and nifty places I explore. Discovering accents and lifestyles, pretty neat!


I have a style and vlogging channel.
On my styling channel, I make OOTDs (outfit of the day), lookbooks, style stealers, DIY’s and more! 
I have done many collaborations on YouTube via my fashion channel. With gurus like megalizabeth9 and mylifeaseva. I have also sponsored with some companies including Redbull. That was pretty sweet! I love collaborating with other gurus and companies, it's fun! I have learned so much since I have started (July 2012). From music selections to camera angles and colors. You just have to be yourself!

As for vlogging, I am not very consistent on it because I have so much I have to do but I try! I like to show my adventures, the shows and parks I go to. I like to vlog because some days, I go back and watch the videos and get excitement and motivation from them. They are also special memories, helps me cherish life easier. 




Besides other social networks, the BEST way to contact me is through email!

Let me know if you have any requests or questions and I will be sure to respond as soon as possible!