Friday, July 24, 2015

What's In My Beach Bag - Beach Essentials

Summer is still here and you still have time to go to the wonderful beach! 
Here are some of my essentials for the beach and poolside.

First off, my beach bag to carry all of the essentials. I bought it from H&M along with the towel in all of the photos. My bag has a few handy pockets and a zipper so the sand doesn't get in it. 

These black rounded sunglasses are from H&M. It's an obvious to bring a pair of shades with you.
Keep your eyes protected and stay stylish! haha!

My waterproof camera has been the coolest part of my summer. I am a vlogger and photographer and love being in the water. What a perfect combo! I bring it along to capture underwater videos and photos. Not to mention, rather be safe than sorry if water splashes on my camera while I'm out!

One of the most imporant items to bring, your phone. Take plenty of fun selfies!
If you want to see how I made this case myself, let me know down below in the comments.

Goggles may look silly on you but they are tons of fun. Seeing underwater without burning your eyes in the salty or chlorine water, no fun. I bring these just in case.

THE most important item in your beach bag, SUNSCREEN! Do not go in the sun unprotected.
You are at risk for skin cancer and unbearable burns. If it is cloudy out, you still need sunscreen on. When it is cloudy, the sun rays get trapped between the ground and clouds which make it more easier to get burned. Stay safe!

If you want, bring some music and fun along with you if you are just wanting to bake. Playing Soda Crush or listening to music can help time fly and also help give you some enjoyment.

Make sure you stay safe and protected when going outside. Don't forget water either, very important!

Until next time!

Hayley xo

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