Sunday, June 7, 2015

Beach Essentials

1. Top - TOPSHOP Tie-Back Cami - $26
A top is a must have of course! Don't be afraid to look cute as well while going to the beach!

Shorts over pants, am i right?!

3. Bathing Suit - Poppy Flamingo Fing - $89
If you wanna get wet and have some fun in the sun, make sure you bring a bathing suit along!

4. Camera - Fuji Film Instax Mini 8 - $97
Take some photos and keep some memories with you!

5. Sandals - Spendid Caddie Sandals - $92
Don't let your feet burn in that crucial sun and sand.

6. Beach Towel - H&M Beach Towel - $20
It may get sandy by the end of the day but bring a towel to lay one while you are tanning and drying off!

7. Beach Bag - Straw Studios Structured Dome Tote - $59
Keep most of your essentials in this bag and you should not have to worry about holding it all with just two hands. 

8. Ipod/Phone + Headphones - Arctic Monkeys Case ($35), Skinnydip London Soundbuds ($22)
When you are tanning or just beach bumming, bring an ipod or any music playing device with headphones and listen to some good the Arctic Monkeys!

9. Book - The Maze Runner - $9
If you are not in the mood for some music, bring a book. It is always fun to read!

10. Sunscreen - Benefit Dream Screen - $32
Do not let yourself get burnt when you go out. It is never fun! Stay safe with some sun screen!

11. Sunglasses - River Island Sunglasses - $20
Tired of squinting? Bring sunglasses and you should no longer squint, yay!

If you don't have an umbrella, bring a floppy hat. It will give you some shade!

13. Lip Balm - EOS Summer Fruit Lip Blam - $4
Your lips can get sun burnt too, bring some lip balm that has spf in it!

I hope you enjoyed!

- xo fashionbyhayley -

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