Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Back to College Outfits

It is back to college for myself! I decided to create some outfits for this semester and share them with you! 

My first outfit is really relaxed and girly. I have been obsessed with this top all summer and i know it is just going to carry on over to fall...even though it is very springy! I put my hair up to give the outfit more of a relaxed look, and well it looks so much more classier when my hair is up. 

The cardigan I am wearing is very cozy and great for the cold classrooms, gah don't you just hate those rooms?! The color fits very well with the top, jeans and also the boots. There is not much contrast in this look, but i think it is a nice relaxed outfit. I bought this cardigan at Forever 21 for just $16! It was a great deal because this throw-over is pretty thick and warm! My top is also from forever 21, i just love that store!

I love wearing rings these days so i wanted to give my look the silver twist along with my bright blue nails. The rings are from a store I honestly do not remember but i love them so much! Maybe Claires? Not quite sure.

Last but not least, the boots. I typically purchase my boots from JCP but I actually bought these from...wait for it...FOREVER 21. Who would have guessed! These boots tie in with the relaxed and lazy look. They are super easy to walk in and they do not kill my little feet. Also, the color of these boots was something i could NOT pass up on. I just love brown boots, so classy and vintage!

This outfit is my little twist of an Indiana Girl look. I may not be country but i do love red and black plaid! For class, I try to stick to the relaxed looks because we all know dressing up for school is just pointless and we all do not want to feel dead when just the first class is done with. 

My top is from Forever 21 as well. It is super soft and the colors look great for the fall, which is when class starts! The button down effect makes the outfit that much more laid back and comfortable.

I was inspired to use this bow I got last winter and I feel great for doing this myself. I am usually awful at doing my hair so i just let it down and let it go wild. I pulled the left and right sides of my bangs behind my head and popped this cute little black bow on. It can make you look so much more dressed up when really, you are just getting that hair out of your face and feeling pretty while doing it!

These boots are somewhat a killer compared to my previous brown ones. They are definitely cute but they can make myself take a beating. These boots will be great for a day that you have just one class. I purchased these boots from JC Pennys. My first heeled booties!

Lastly, my bracelet. I decided to wear no rings and just a bracelet with this look. Gold and red look great together as well. MY spikey bracelet is from H&M, an AMAZING store by the way. I think it sticks to the chilled look and gives a little oomf to it all.

This outfit is more of a dressed up classy look. My inspiration most of the time is Taylor Swift, she is always looking good. 

As shown in the photo, my lovely hat. I picked up this hat from H&M, was not too sure if I should buy it, but i did! This hat gives my look a very classy modern look. If you are not sure what to do with your hair, put a cute little hat on!

My striped dress is from Target, another store i am literally obsessed with. It was kind of on the pricey side but I have been dying to get my hands on a striped dress. If you hadn't noticed, I am in love with stripes. They just make photos POP! My green army jacket is from the classic goodwill. It was a great find if you ask me. This jacket makes the outfit somewhat put together and comfortable.

I picked up this necklace from H&M. Adding spiked along with stripes is a must do! I believe this necklace pulls in the outfit as well.

The same boots from my first look, comfortable, laid back and classy!

That is all for my back to school looks, i hope you enjoyed em! :)

xo fashionbyhayley


  1. I loved the outfits so much!! I needed some inspiration for my first day of college and your outfits were my favorite :D
    Also, may I ask what you are studying? Cause I saw you reading a marketing book in the video and I'm going into marketing, so I got curious ahah great job once again!

    1. well thank you so very much! Im glad it gave you inspiration for some looks of your own! I am studying Graphic Design + Photography but on the side, i love social media marketing because i am all about the internet! thanks again! :)