Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Outfit Of The Day - Filming Day!

Today, I decided to take a drive down to my college and snap some photos of my outfit. While I was there, I also filmed a new video for my styling channel. I had a lot of fun so be sure to check that out Thursday hopefully! 

So this look I have put together is simple and somewhat laid back. I wanted to go for a comfortable and simple look today and I pulled it off pretty well!

The first time in a long time, I have done my hair! I was inspired by one of my good friends on youtube, Megan! (youtube.com/megalizabeth9) Her hair is beautiful and when she braids it, her hair looks stunning. Sooo, I decided to take inspiration from that and go from it, a laid back side braid!

My necklace in the second photo means so much to me. I bought it while I was on vacation in South Carolina on Hilton Head Island. As you can see, it is a little Michigan shaped necklace. As you may not have known, I was born in Michigan and not Indiana. That state is my home, my everything. The smell, the sounds, looks, the taste of the air. It makes me happy whenever I visit back home. Anyways, it's a really nice dainty necklace and I will forever treasure it with my outfits.

My rings are from a few local stores here in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Something about nail polish and rings not only make the outfit but also photos look really nice together. Little do some people know, accessories can really help your outfit look 100x more better.

My shirt is of course from Forever 21. I am basically a walking model for them, lol! I have currently been obsessed with stripes. I feel like they look really nice and fun. 

My boots are also from Forever 21. These are my second heeled boots and I am liking them a lot. They are easy to walk in and shockingly very comfortable. The brown color of these boots look great with the striped top and light blue denim bottoms.

I hope you liked my outfit of the day for this week! Have a great rest of your day!
- Comment down below what your favorite accessory is -
Until next post!

xo hayley

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