Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sweater Weather

Hi! It's fall which also means it's sweater weather! I have picked out my favorite sweaters for this fall. My first "sweater" I got this weekend from The House Party Tour and the band is called Pierce The Veil. They're pretty awesome and I recommend you check them out! The crew neck is super comfy and laid back.
The second look is very cozy yet chic. I love how the red accents the white sweater. It makes the look more "fall-esk."
The third sweater is very plain but has a bit of sparkle to the collar but i decided to wear it with my long cardigan. The colors are very similar and isn't overpowering. The look is very laid back as well.
The last sweater is kind of light but I wore a military jacket around my waist just in case it got chilly. Floral may be out for this fall but the floral I'm wearing is dull and great for this season.

I hope you've enjoyed all of my looks! Don't forget to share, like, favorite, and comment! Greatly appreciated.

What is your favorite fall trend?
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