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Magazine Monday: Fall Essentials

Unfortunately, it's monday again but on the bright side, it's magazine monday! Today I decided to share a few fall essentials with you. Fall means bringing out the boots, sweaters, and other cozy items. The colors are also different than summer's! For the fall, stick with dark shades of reds, purples, blues, and greens. Try to stay neutral yet adorable! It's simple!

1. Knit Top Work Boots, Pacsun, $49
I love these boots because they have a "chilly day fall" feeling and they seem to keep you warm with the knitting at the top of the boot. The color is very neutral and can go with a lot of cute simple and complicated looks. These boots can definitely be a statement piece.

2. Winter Night Infinity Scarf, Forever 21, $14
I will always love infinity scarves. They are a must for Fall because how warm they keep you depending on which fabric it is. Any color will work for this fall as long as it's neutral. These scarves can really make you look laid back yet make you look like you came right off of tumblr.

3. Knit Tights, H&M, $9
You are crazy if you do not wear tights during chilly season while you wear a skirt or dress. Knit tights can keep you warm unlike other thin fabric tights. These are also way cuter than a plain "look" to them.

4. Rib-knit Hat, H&M, $9
Beanies are a must for this season as well. You can definitely make your outfit look more punk or more military depending on which clothing you're rocking. Beanies also keep your head and ears warm! I like to stick with a simple black beanie because black matches everything! Too cool!

5. Felt Hat, H&M, $12
Another hat to look more fancy and girly is this felt hat. The color is perfect for this season as well. Wear this hat with a simple top and a skirt or maybe with a dress. Then pair it with a cute pair of boots and leggings. Bam! You have a warm and fancy Fall outfit.

6. Posh Faux Leather Crossbody, Forever 21, $19
I wanted a little color to this collage so I decided to pick out a quick and simple crossbody. The color is still a little subtle. This crossbody can make your look pop if you are wearing a lot of netruals.

7. Color Sensational Ruby Star Lipstick, Maybelline, Varies
Lipstick is fun and can make you look "made up" if you are feeling lazy with your eye makeup. A simple red can make you pop and look great for the Fall. I believe reds are the best for the fall because they are still out there yet calm.

8. Urban Decay Naked Palette, Urban Decay, $52
This palette is horrendously expensive just for eyeshadow but it is still amazing and definitely worth the splurge. The colors of this palette is perfect for the fall because of how simple and neutral they are. If you YouTube a lot of tutorials, I guarantee a lot of gurus are using this palette.

9. Alligator Purse Nail Polish, Essie, $8
I won't go much into the nail colors because they are explanatory. I've been mentioning sticking to neutrals but with orange, it's a must. With Halloween coming up, paint your nails orange.

10. Mochachino Nail Polish, Essie, $8
11. Downtown Brown, Essie, $8
12. Merino Cool, Essie, $8
The rest of these colors are simple and cute for this season. There are a lot of ideas out there. Pinterest is a great way to find some adorable design for this season.

Have a nice monday and don't forget to rock those neutrals and warm items!
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