Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Favorites!

Thank goodness it's Friday...ermm..well..I haven't done anything since tuesday that involves "work" so I'm basically on vacation lol but here are my favorite for this week!

Currently Playing: Dinorama 

It's only been the first day of playing this game and I'm hooked. Basically, the game is a dinosaur zoo. My nephew loves dinosaurs and I saw this and decided to let him watch me play it. Turns out, I love it! I'll more than likely stop playing this within two weeks.

Download FREE app here!

Currently obsessing over: Pierce The Veil

I saw this band Friday along with A Day To Remember, All Time Low, and The Wonder Years. I had a blast but then I developed this obsession for Pierce The Veil. If you didn't know, I'm wearing one of their hoodies in my most recent video. They are all super sweet and talented. 

Currently drinking: Dairy Queen Strawberry-banana smoothie

I had to buy two cups of this because I am totally obsessed. They're pretty pricey but it's just like starbucks. Smoothie king is great but Dairy Queen is a tad bit cheaper and more delicious. If you know me, you know I love anything strawberry-banana. I'm in love.

Currently loving: iPhone tribal case

I bought this case before I went to the concert for protection. I am a huge fan of tribal print and I love the color purple and blue. I was hesitant to purchase this product but I went for it. I love how protected my phone is with this case and also how chic it is. I recommend buying from ULAK on Amazon. Just make sure it's the right case for your "pod" type. I almost bought an ipod case for my iphone 4s! Yikes!

Currently listening to: Lonely Girl by Tonight Alive

This song is pretty awesome and I love Tonight Alive. The drumming is pretty sweet and Jenna's vocals are off the charts. Super catchy and worth listening to!

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