Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fullscreen's Beautique Partners - Pros / Cons

Hello everyone! I've been wanting to write about an issue I have been having with a network I have joined for almost a year now. Let me start with who and what this is all about.

I joined a year ago. This network claims to "Grow your YouTube audience," "Increase Earnings," and be able to "Connect & Collaborate." Don't get me wrong, because of Fullscreen I have made money but also my channel has grown. In Fullscreen, you are allowed to volunteer for Gorilla Campaigns. With these, you talk about a topic they give you, hit the key points, and publish your video to youtube. With this, you earn CPM which varies. To learn more about what Fullscreen is, visit their website:

About a year ago, I have also joined a little network inside of Fullscreen. The network is called "Beautique." In this group, you can collaborate and talk with other fashion and beauty gurus. But this is very hard to do so, it may seem easy but it's not. I have noticed BT has been accepting more popular channels with around 20k + subscribers. Everyone knows how difficult it is to get a response from these gurus. You would think being in the same group as them it would be easier, false. Anyways, this isn't as important as what I am about to say.

The bigger issue is BT promoting gurus. Like I said, I've been with them for about a year now. I have been promoted one time from BT specifically. Fullscreen has also promoted me but that is a different story. Recently, I have noticed they only promote really popular channels and little channels every so often. How? Well let me explain. I have tweeted them my videos every time I post one. They either reply with a "cool!" or just favorite it. Yes, a response is awesome but I would love to be promoted just like the other channels. Another partner even said she gets the same treatment. Also, when I watch their "roundups," which they talk about what videos they thought were cool, I notice only popular channels! Now, maybe my videos aren't as good quality but don't you think the little channels deserve to be put into the roundup!? I have had very creative videos and I thought "Oh, maybe this cool video will be featured this week." Nope, I just got that tweet "cool." They also promote videos through their Twitter AND Facebook. But of course, its the videos that have already 10,000 views! I have only seen a low viewed video promoted maybe about 5 times...but remember, i've been in this network for a year now! What's funny? As I am writing this post, I visit BT's Facebook and they have promoted my latest video. But like I said, this happens once in a blue moon! I would also like to add, their likes and followers are very low count for a network and isn't worth the promotion.

I would also like to add BT started off with a Facebook group! I absolutely loved it as well as others! I literally was able to talk to bigger gurus and they would watch my videos! But then they decided to get rid of it and create a facebook page. With the page, you cannot connect! It's not the same and it's a definite downgrade.

Another subject, the questions. A few people I know have asked BT, "What do I need to do to have my channel grow?" Their responses were not helpful. They simply got a "use tags, use annotations, use blah blah blah." They do not go into detail with how to use them effectively. People have also gotten responses like "We aren't aware how to grow the channel, we don't know much on it." What do you know, someone who supposedly knows everything about youtube...well..doesn't?! Now my good friend has helped me use the tags and annotations effectively. If you would like to know how, send me a message on YouTube:

Here are some opinions on Beautique from other members:

"They aren't a beauty network. Although they feature creators they don't have enough credit to have that make a difference. There are no campaigns that make it easy for Beautique members to add to videos. Gorilla campaigns are random and the money is gone too fast. I was asked to join style haul a month after signing to Beautique. SH seems to offer real opportunities and goals to be these creators who are able to get these opportunities. I feel like there's nothing to strive for. I have been promoted two times and on their channel once. But they do focus on the mostly popular channels."

"I'm in Fullscreen Beautique. It's the worst mistake I made and I advise people to never join a network unless you're already a big YouTuber. After signing on the dotted line they leave you completely alone while you do all the work to make money for yourself and them... I tried getting out of the contract and they flatly said no."

Here is a message from another Beautique partner:

"Beautique has its ups and downs. When I first started I felt like there was a little more interaction, but now I'm starting to feel a little lost. A couple months into my partnership, they sat down on the phone with me and gave me a ton of advice on growing my channel, which was awesome! I also made a video for the YouTube Beautique page that was featured, but that was once again when I was first partnered and not that good. I like that they are started to showcase a lot of beautique partners on the Facebook page, but that's really the only thing being done right now. I haven't received an email back I sent months ago asking advice on my channel. I haven't been chosen to be featured in anything since I first got partnered. I'm not really sure how I feel about them anymore. Because I've watched girls that started way after me, get partnered with other companies and they're already WAY more popular because I've seen them all over their partner programs social media sites. I joined a partner program to feel a sense of community. I don't know that I'll stay once my contract is up, as I've only made a couple real friends so far and no sense of community." 
Megan |

Overall, These types of networks are just a waste of your time. I feel bad for new creators, like me, who get stuck in a contract that isn't doing any good for their channel. I believe the best decision for a creator is to do it all on your own. It takes time and effort to have a great channel grow in the long run. As for Beautique, they are unfair, can be unfriendly, and are not helpful at all. The only good thing that comes out of joining a network is somewhat exposure but the best part is meeting new people. To get your name out there, the main key is connection. BT doesn't really offer this as strongly as they should.

Pros of BT:

  • You can make friends with other gurus.
  • It can be a great experience.
  • You are in a network that might help you...that is if you have 20k or more subscribers. 
  • Your name is connected with a network.
Cons of BT:
  • Hardly any promotion.
  • They aren't helpful when it comes to questions about growing your channel.
  • They aren't very popular in social media.
  • They aren't responsive to questions, it takes too long to get help.
  • You aren't featured.

If you have any questions, please comment down below.

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    1. thank you, i will do! check out mine too <3

  2. Hi! I just found this post as I am with Fullscreen and Beautique, but I am considering opting out as my first two years are up soon. I have had a lot of the same experiences as you have.. Are you still with them? And if not, how was the transition to being on your own? Thank you so much! xx

    1. i am no longer with Fullscreen, they are getting too big that they are just focusing on bigger youtubers and not caring much for the smaller ones! I was scared to leave but I am now with Broadband TV :)