Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Quick Tip Tuesday: Last Minute Outfit

Hey readers! It has been awhile since I have posted and also have done Quick Tip Tuesday. I went to my sister and asked her, "Hey, what fashion problems do you have?" She responded, "I have those times where I have no idea what to wear and what matches last minute." I decided to help everyone out with this one because I know I am not the only one who has this problem.

There are two solutions
  • One, plan your outfit a day before. 
  • Two, keep these two things in mind while planning an outfit last minute; The weather & occasion. Is it hot or cold? Is it raining, snowing, or windy? What type of event are you attending? Do you need to be formal, dressy, laid back, etc.

For example:

Weather - Hot
Occasion - Fast food eating
Wear - Shorts, tee or tank, sandals or sneakers

I typically begin my outfit with choosing my bottoms because I do not have many bottoms as I do tops. This saves time & helps me match easier. 

Next, I pick out a complicated pattern with three colors in it; purple, orange, green, & white.

Orange holds hands with yellow & red. I would choose yellow because red holds hands with purple on the color wheel which would be a little too blended as a look. Green holds hands with blue & yellow. I would not choose a purple top because the majority of the shorts are purple. You can choose purple if you are going for a monochromatic look. 

Blue does hold hands with purple but it's a very light blue.

Now onto patterns. Stripes and floral go together luckily but be careful with pairing patterns together because it can be very difficult. If you do not want to go the complicated & daring route, choose a plain colored top that could be white, green, yellow, orange, or blue. 

Overall, it depends on your outfit, colors, and pattern. 
I hope today's tip helped all of you fashionistas out!
See ya tomorrow!

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