Monday, August 19, 2013

Back To School Series | Day 1

Hey fashionistas! Some of you may already be in school and some of you may be beginning soon! I am starting a week series for Back To School. Today's post is Back To School Top essentials! These tops are great to pair with any outfit and will make you look stylish!

1. Cotton Blouse, H&M, $17.95
This top is great for mis-matching with other patterns. It is very great for a daring and wild look!

2. Flannel Shirt, H&M, $24.95
Flannels are a must-have in your wardrobe! Great for looking cute yet feeling laid back!

3. Spiked Keep Calm Sweater, Forever 21, $24.80
Every girl must own a wild spiked top in their closet and this sweater is the perfect choice! This top would look adorable with a floral skirt!

4. Celestial Lion Muscle Tee, Forever 21, $15.80
Animal face tops are in for this season! They are unique and awesome!

5. Velvet Nollie V-Neck, Pacsun, $16.50
Velvet is unique and comfortable! It also has a nice feminine touch to it as well.

6. Bullhead Denim Co Utility, Pacsun, $19.00
Pairing denim with a floral skirt would look so chic and adorable for a first day look!

7. Viscose Top, H&M, $12.95
A great laid back and must have for this fall! You can really dress this top up if you try! Experience!

8. Basic Top, H&M, $12.95
Another basic top for this season! Great with different prints as well!

9. Sweet Polka Dot Cropped Sweater, Forever 21, $22.80
Every girl must have a polka dotted top in her closet! It's stylish, chic, and adorable! Also another great back to school top!

I hope you enjoyed my first "late" post for my new Back To School series! Comment down below what top you must have for this school year!

♡ Fashionbyhayley 

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