Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Favorites!

I have been lagging with my posts but I will try to keep up again! Here are my favorites for this week!

Currently doing: longboarding.
I do this activity once or twice a day. It is seriously addicting and so much fun! It's a great way to just get away and listen to music and feel "free."

Currently eating: Chocolate Glazed Donut Holes.
I have found my new addiction for this week and probably the next few weeks. They are beyond delicious. My favorite donut in general! Yum!

Currently loving: They're Real Mascara by benefit.I received this product for my birthday form Sephora. It is by far the best mascara ever! Review?

Currently adoring: ClothesEncounters.
I love Jenn! She is so fashionable, sweet, and just awesome! Her videos bring a lot of inspiration to my style and you should definitely subscribe to her channel! Her style is one of the best!

Currently wearing: Matte Nail Polish.
I decided to pick up a matte top coat and I do not regret it! I have the NYC brand. I honestly don't think what brand you purchase matters. It all does the same. This finish makes your nails really awesome looking and I definitely recommend trying it out!

Hope - We Came As Romans

♡ Fashionbyhayley 

photo: favim | tastykitchen | divadebbi | amazon

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