Saturday, May 18, 2013

REVIEW | Lil Moshii Boutique

Hey! It has been a LONG while but I am back and I will be writing everyday! I'm going to try my best! But for my return, I will be doing a review on Lil Moshii Boutique!

I was sent six cute bracelets and I am going to briefly talk about each one of them! Before I get to each unique bracelet, I want to tell you all about her business! Lil Moshii Boutique is very affordable for one. The bracelets range from $5-10. Some bracelets come in sets, which is pretty awesome! Unfortunately, she only sends within the United States, sorry internationals! The most awesome part of Lil Moshii Boutique is the fact she really young with her own business. Think about it, she comes up with ideas, maintains orders and clients, and literally MAKES the bracelets herself! Now how cool is that? Now onto each bracelet!

Starting with my two favorites, Rose of Love & Caught Upon a Dream. Rose of Love is the bracelet with all of the pink pearls with two pink flower beads. I love this one because it is so cute and girly! The colors match with any bracelet color but specifically gold, also my favorite jewelry color to wear! The Caught Upon a Dream is a package set but I am wearing only one bracelet from the set. The bracelet has smaller pink pearls with a golden arched bar. I believe this is totally cute and stylish! It also makes layering your bracelets very trendy!

My next favorite is the Peace All Around bracelet. I am not a fan of the beads but if you layer this piece, they would blend in. The peace sign would of course stick out, which is my favorite part of this bracelet. It is very simple yet cute and laid back!

These bracelets are not my favorite but I think they would still look cute if you stack them correctly.
 The bracelet Flower Girl shows very girly features. The colorful flowers and plain colored pearls are put together very lovely. The bracelet at the top is the other bracelet that came in the Caught Upon a Dream set. It's very simple yet cute and girly!

Year of the Rain is last bracelet and I believe it is VERY beachy! I would totally use it as an anklet when I go to the beach. The color blue is very calming and reminds me of the summer! This bracelet would look so adorable layered with a beige or a white thread bracelets!


Lil Moshii Boutique has plenty of more adorable bracelets. She also makes earrings, necklaces, and keychains! Be sure to check them out! To find out more about Moshii and her products, visit the links down below:
Kahului, Hawaii, USA

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