Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Whats In!

Hey everyone! Time to catch up on what is in for the winter! Here are a few pieces, colors, and patterns that are great for this season!

Ways to POP this winter is to wear outrageous and gorgeous patterns! I have picked out a few bold patterns for example! From floral to aztec, you are looking awesome and out there!

1. Voyage Jumpsuit, Threadsence, $44
2. Floral Boots, H&M, $35.45
3. Watercolor Floral Top, Forever 21, $19.80
4. Dolphinography Leggings, Tillys, 29.99

Cuts are also in because of how unique the piece looks and because of what it can make your shape look like! Here are examples of some cute cuts!

1. Juliet Dress, Pacsun, $19.99
2. Twisted Sunflower Cutout Dress, Pacsun, Currently Sold out
3. Chiffon Dress, H&M, $34.95
4. Risky Cutout Top, Threadsence, $48

Metallic is back! Metallics are a great way to look bold and in  for this season! The color also can compliment any skin tone. Especially those pale legs and arms during the winter. 

1. Metallica Mesh Oxford Flats, Pacsun, $12.49
2. Glimmer Skirt, Threadsence, $54.50
3. Blame It On Bogie Dress, Pacsun, $80
4. May Sequinned Top, Thread Sence, $158

Here are a mixture of prints, colors, and cuts! Way to look fashionable by using each one of the "in" items.

1. Luxe Metallic Crop Top, Forever 21, $17.80
2. Leopard Bodycon Dress, Forever 21, $15.80
3. Geo Darling Cut Out Crop Top, Forever 21, $6.80

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  1. Hey! I LOVE your blog! It looks REALLY professional, I love it! The green really compliments the style of your blog and adds cuteness to the sophisticated-ness of it! I love it! I've followed your blog because it looks amazing and the content is fabulous as well! Mind having a look at mine and following? I know you must have been a beginner at some point so you know the struggle x

    Jelly xxx

  2. Loving all these S/S trends! I seriously cannot get enough cut-out pieces.